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Therapy Services 

Individuals. Couples. Families.

San Francisco Therapist of Color


Choosing whether to pursue therapy can bring up many questions within us. “Do I really need therapy?” “Are my problems and experiences even worth talking about?” We can often feel insecure, embarrassed, and even a little afraid to enter into therapy. With this in mind, I not only validate these concerns, but I encourage you all the more to reach out despite these feelings as often time these emotions are indicative of how therapy can actually be helpful for us.  For some, it may be their first time exploring therapy as an option. My hope is that you feel supported in our work together. 





We'll start with a brief phone conversation so that I can get a sense of the kind of support that you are looking for. I'll ask for some basic information to get to know you and also use this time to answer any questions that you might have. If it feels like we are a good fit for working together, we will schedule either an in-person or online appointment.


In the first few sessions, I will learn more about you and together, we will explore the goals you have for therapy. Do you want to build healthier relationships? Learn how to better manage emotions and stress? Or even identifying patterns that keep us feeling "stuck" in our lives. 


The length and number of sessions will differ depending on your goals and needs for therapy. For some, a handful of sessions to address an acute issue will be enough, versus, others may need consistent, weekly sessions for months or years depending on their needs.  We can discuss this in further detail to ensure  you are receiving the support that you are looking for.


Provide individuals with the space to explore emotions and personal experiences in order to create healthier coping skills to handle daily life stressors and develop tools to maintain positive relationships and engage in a thriving community.

To engage couples in fostering a deep understanding and communication with one another.  To guide couples away from unhelpful patterns that create discord and mistrust and highlight areas of connectedness to restore relational intimacy.



Assist families who may have difficulties relating to one another due to intergenerational conflict and trauma. Navigate points of tension that often arise from miscommunication and misunderstanding between parent and teenager.  Offer support to the family unit so that all members feel seen and heard as the family seeks to improve relationships with one another.


As a first generation Chinese American therapist, I am passionate about serving and advocating on behalf of the Asian American Community. I am sensitive to the complex dynamic found amongst individuals with multi-cultural identities and those who may be dealing with cross-cultural issues and intergenerational trauma within their families. Those who are either immigrants or children of immigrant parents may oftentime feel misunderstood and isolated. I am passionate about bridging the gap that stems from cultural or generational differences amongst individuals, couples and families.  

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