I have immediate openings for online therapy and would be honored to support you during this time of uncertainty.

To walk alongside individuals as they navigate their own personal growth toward their truest self.
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Hi, I'm Cindy

My therapeutic style is rooted in the belief that people are intrinsically  valued and are deserving of fundamental human connection;

to be seen,

to be heard,

and to be understood.

My role as the therapist is to offer guidance, support, and tools to empower the individual to make life-affirming choices that would improve their social and emotional wellness.

Chinese Therapist in SF Cindy Shu


connect with people so that in turn,

they can connect with themselves, others,

and the world around them.


How I Can Help

Individual Therapy



Relationship Challenges

Grief and Loss

Identity Issues

Cross-Cultural Issues

Intergenerational Conflict

Inefficient Communication Patterns

Life Transitions

Parent-Child Relationships

Teenagers struggling with
low self-esteem, 
and anxiety

Family Therapy

Communication Challenges

Physical and/or Emotional Intimacy


Navigating Life Transitions

Couples Therapy

Parenthood Related to Anxiety and Stress

Asian American cultural concerns including multi-cultural identity, intergenerational trauma, and acculturation.

Areas of Focus

How We Can Work Together

Therapy will look different for each individual, as it should! I offer each person a tailored approach so that they can feel best supported with their own unique goals and intentions for therapy. I encourage you to share about your life, relationships, and struggles so that we may explore certain thought and behavioral patterns that may no longer be serving you. I offer guidance as you develop alternative perspectives and ways of relating that resonate deeply to your core.

Let's Get in Touch

Feel free to give me a call. I offer a 15 minute complimentary phone consultation and I would love to hear from you.